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The Ice Baroness - To the Ends of the World
Cover The Ice Baroness - To the Ends of the World
Where is your True North?

Russia, 1822. Katya knows how to read the ice. Its colors, its sounds tell her how strong or how fragile it is. A special gift, just as her brother Grischa has a sense for the wind and the rain.

Born and raised in poverty, both dream of a better life, and finally they leave the family´s tiny farmstead in order to make their fortune in the world.

Their journey takes them over the Northern Seas to Hamburg. With Thilo and Christian, the ambitious sons of a local grocer, they establish a trading company. Their bold plan: to ship ice from the north into the tropics.

But the path to success is paved with failure and doubt, and in addition, the emotions between Katya and married Christian threaten to bring about the downfall of the young ice barons - just like the love between Thilo, rational and reliable, and unsteady Grischa …

Four young people in a rough world, fighting for their dream - and for their love.

The first volume of this saga takes the reader from Russia over the Northern Seas into the tropics, telling a lesser known chapter in the history of Hamburg.

Epic, swashbuckling, sensual.
ISBN: 978-3442483952
Publisher: Goldmann
Year: 2019
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Rights sold to Neri Pozza (Italian) and Éditons de l’Archipel (French)

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